About Little Shifts

Change does not have to be drastic to make an impact.

That message is the foundation of what Little Shifts is about. Whether it’s your goals in the gym, at home, in the office or your lifestyle, the best way to see progress is by making little shifts that you can sustain & execute consistently.

From workshops to coaching development to online programming, Little Shifts is a resource that you can rely on to make an impact in your own life.

The Team

What’s better than one coach dedicated to helping athletes improve? Two coaches! Meet Alison & Jared, the two coaches who created Little Shifts.

Alison Monday


I am a 200 Hour Registered Yoga Teacher & CrossFit Level 1 Trainer. I have received additional training & certifications in Trauma-Informed Yoga, Yin, Yoga, Yoga For All, Mindful Strength & Weightlifting.

I love pairing my experience & teachings to create a space for everyday practice with the mind, body & breath. It’s about progress instead of perfection and being where your feet are. Yoga & CrossFit are for everybody AND every body.

Jared Koepp


I am a CrossFit Level 2 Trainer with over 4 years of coaching experience in Madison, Wisconsin. I have received additional training in Weightlifting & Scaling CrossFit workouts.

I love coaching all levels of athletes in lifting. Seeing someone’s face as they hit a good lift (or even a PR) is a great experience for me as a coach, and the reason that I do what I do. Sometimes I get more excited about the PR than the athlete does.

Our Approach

We’ve been combining our knowledge & strengths as coaches for the last 4 years to build fun classes & custom programming for CrossFit athletes in multiple gyms. We care greatly about safety, moving well & having fun.

The limitations that come with coaching a one hour class are not seen in the workshop setting. We can dive deep into the fundamentals of each lift to help beginners & experienced athletes alike, with more time being paid to the nuances of each piece of the puzzle that is an olympic lift.

The 3 hour schedule ensures that we have enough time to break down the lifts & mobility requirements. It also gives participants time to test little shifts in their set-up & ask any questions they may have.

Bring one of our unique 3 hour small-group workshop to your gym.

The day of Little Shifts for Bigger Deadlifts, I had an 85# deadlift & worked my way up to my PR of 200#! All I could hear were the words of support from the coaches, and from my fellow lifters. That was and is a proud moment for me, thanks to Little Shifts!

Bridgett James

event participant