Deadlift Program Preview

Curious about our new Little Shifts for Bigger Deadlifts program?

Below are screenshots of what the content looks like within the Athlete Dashboard. Or you can sign up for free access to the first week of the program.

(If you already have an account on, be sure to click “I have an existing account,” then log in with your username & password.)

Program Hub

The first page in the program has links to all 4 weeks. It also lists the equipment you’ll need & some details about the program. This page is available to anyone in the 1 week trial & the full 4 week program.

You can use the checkmarks to track your progress through each week.

Sample Week

Below is an image of Week 1 (with a few sections hidden from view) to show you how the 5 days are laid out.

Each day has a checkmark so you can track your progress through the week. All bold pink words are links to demo videos or a collection of recovery sequences that you can do on your active recovery days.

The buttons below the 5 days will link you to the next week (if you purchase the program) or back to your athlete dashboard where you can view all of your programs.

Ready to lift heavy?

Sign up for free access to week 1 only or jump into the full 4 week program for $25.

As an experienced CrossFitter, improving lifts comes down to small, technical details. This workshop gave me some great warm ups and technique tweaks to help make progress in a lift that has always been challenging for me!


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