Little Shifts for Bigger Lifts is a small-group workshop dedicated to safely improving your strength & mobility while lifting a barbell.

During our 3 hour events, you will learn from two CrossFit coaches — a CrossFit Level 2 Trainer and a 200 Hour RYT Yoga Teacher with her CrossFit Level 1 — with 10 years of combined coaching experience.

You’ll walk away with a better understanding of how important mobility is to all barbell lifts, as well as warm-up & cool down/recovery drills that will lead to positive changes in the gym without taking up a lot of your time. Even though the events often have 18-24 athletes, each participant gets one-on-one coaching.

Whether you started CrossFitting 5 days ago or 5 years ago, these workshops will give you tools to lift more weight, safely. If you implement these little shifts into your routine, you will hit bigger lifts.

We focus on 1-2 lifts during our workshops to give athletes a chance to work on the points of performance immediately after we discuss them. But the fact is that the little shifts discussed in each event will carry over into improving strength in other lifts.

Little Shifts for Bigger Lifts is a workshop that can be held at any affiliate — as long as you have a few barbells & PVCs. It’s really that simple. If you have rig spaces to squat at, we will make use of them, but they are not required.

We’d love to bring our experience & approach to your box!

In order to have a successful event, it’s best to have 4 weeks to promote it to your community. We require a minimum of 10 tickets sold for each event — which you can purchase & resell or sell through your own system.

Send us an email if you want to host a Little Shifts for Bigger Lifts workshop at your affiliate.

Alison and Jared are amazing and really know their stuff. I attribute getting a 45# PR to the coaches. They watched my form as I lifted and reminded me of those little shifts that really made the difference.


event participant