Murph Recovery Sequence

Whether you follow this 8 minute video immediately after Murph, a few hours after or the next day, it will help your body feel better. You can do the sequence once, or you can do it daily for a few days. It’s all up to you & what your body needs.

Props Needed

You don’t need a yoga mat, but you can use one if you have it.

The only prop that is really helpful is something to place under your knee for the “couch stretch.” You can use a folded towel, blanket or AbMat. Because we will be doing the couch stretch, you’ll also need a wall or piece of furniture to lean up against.
  1. Cactus Arms Pec Stretch (each side)
  2. T Arms Shoulder Stretch (each side)
  3. Extended Puppy Pose
  4. Couch Stretch (each side)
  5. Seated Figure Four (each side)
  6. Breath Work

I appreciated the specific feedback from both coaches when it was time to practice. Rather than giving me a list of things to work on, it was one little tweak to focus on. Both are natural coaches!


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