Nutrition Coaching

Whether you’re feeling overwhelmed, hungry, or exhausted, you’re not alone. There’s an endless amount of information out there mixed with countless opinions on what we should be eating, drinking & doing to live our best lives.

I believe we need to stop should-ing all over ourselves.

Nutrition isn’t just the food you eat. While that’s a big part of it, nutrition is also how you eat, why you eat, stress, sleep & hydration. Mix in the fact that every body is different & it’s no wonder we all struggle with feeling our best.

The good news is that the struggle can stop! I have two different support options to get you out of your wagon wheel ruts & feeling your best — 1-on-1 Coaching & Self-Guided Coaching.

What does 1-on-1 Nutrition Coaching look like?

It depends.

You haven’t told me your goals. We haven’t gone over your victories & stressors. I don’t know what feels possible to you. Yet.

I believe that nutrition can’t be a one-size fits all thing. Cookies are great, cookie-cutter plans are not. Which is why I focus my coaching around an individualized plan that evolves as my clients do.

Those words are great in theory, but how about some examples?

I worked with one client who wanted to lose weight because it was affecting many areas of their life — causing low back pain, impacting sleep & making confidence a struggle. However, they were clear that weighing food sounded like hell & exercise wasn’t that awesome.

We worked together & landed on an approach to food that made sense. More importantly, that approach felt doable & included favorite foods. Outside of the kitchen, we added in a small bit of walking a few times a week. (To be honest, the walking was way more for mental health than physical.)

Want to know what happened? They lost 25 pounds in a few months — over the holidays. All without a food scale, meal service or hours in the gym.

Losing weight isn’t everyone’s goal.

A client came to me wanting to get stronger in the gym. They were all for meal prepping on Sundays, weighing food, eating the same meals every day, and putting in the hours at the gym.

There was just one problem. They were miserable. Sleep was problematic, body parts were constantly hurting or sore to a point where they were changing workouts around the pain.

Within a few weeks, I had increased their calorie intake by 1,000 calories…a day!

This same athlete was gaining strength but didn’t gain a pound. Their recovery time has been improving over our time together & they are enjoying new recipes for their meal prep days.

These clients had unique goals & so was the approach we took.

That being said, there are some perks that every 1-on-1 Nutrition Coaching client gets:

  • Use of a personalized habit tracking app for the month
  • Weekly check-ins done via Zoom
  • As needed support via text / social media
  • Access to group Zoom chats

If you’re ready to be seen & heard, I’m ready to sit down with you. After an initial consultation to go over your goals, you get to decide if working together is right for you. From there, it’s $150/month with no minimum timeframe requirements.

Ready to dive in? Skip the FAQs & book your initial consultation right now.

Does Self-Guided Coaching really work?

If you’re ready to work, yes it does!

After our initial chat, we will put together a game plan for the month. One that feels doable with the right tools. From there, I’ll set you up with a habit tracker that features your priorities only. While this is a self-guided approach, it is highly custom to your needs.

This option is great for anyone who likes a little more time to make changes. Or my fellow highly-motivated humans. You’ll get:

  • Use of a personalized habit tracking app for the month
  • Monthly progress review via Zoom

This support option is $50/month with no minimum timeframe. But I think once you get started, you’ll quickly realize that you are capable of a heck of a lot of things in your life.


Do you provide meal plans, macros or food?

After we go over your goals, you & I will cover what actions feel doable to you. If that includes weighing, measuring & tracking your food, then I will likely provide macro targets for you to aim for.

If the idea of putting every bite of food on a food scale makes you want to cry, then your action steps will look different than macros & MyFitnessPal.

There’s no one way of doing things that works for everyone, so I’m not going to hand over a pre-made meal plan or macro ratio. Your action steps will be decided on by both of us — and set with your goal/goals in mind.

Since I am not a registered dietician, I cannot create meal plans. I can help you find delicious new recipes to try & have meal planning formulas to make things easier for you.

Do I have to pay for a specific length of time?

No, but…

You can cancel your payment at any point. I never want anyone to feel “stuck” working with me if the approach doesn’t feel right.

However, I encourage you to give this a solid try to see what’s possible for you with consistent effort + constant support.

What are the steps to working with you?

I want to make sure you dig my approach, so let’s get together for a face-to-face goal discussion. From there, I can answer any questions that weren’t answered on this page & any that come up as we dive into what would make you feel better in life.

Use the calendar below to book a time with me.

Alison and Jared are top notch. They’re well trained, smart, funny, and welcoming. Always a must attend event for the novice as well as the seasoned veterans!

Stefanie Fenner

event participant