Nutrition Resources

Below are a few of my favorite resources for nutrition. You’ll find my go-tos, things that have really made a difference in my life & my client’s lives, and helpful tools. This page will be updated often, so bookmark it to come back as needed.

Resource Sections


Journal Prompts

Gratitude Prompt: Finish either of the following sentences at least once. Include the full sentence when you journal. Listing 3 things that you are grateful for each day is a great practice.

  • I am grateful for _________.
  • I am grateful that __________.

Mountain Prompt: Answer the following questions in your journal, during a meditation or by talking them out with someone, whatever is best for you.

  • What mountain suddenly appeared in your path?
  • What does facing this mountain do to your plan?
  • How does this mountain make you feel?
  • How will this obstacle disrupt your plan?

Weekly Check-In: Use these questions to wrap up your current week & start your new week.

  • My number one priority this week is….
  • I want to do less…
  • I want to do more…
  • This week, I want to feel…
  • To feel this way, I will…
  • If I get stuck, I’ll remember…

Find Your Wins: List 3 things that you did well in the last 48 hours.

Self-Love: What do I often judge myself for? How can I create more acceptance towards myself?

Intuition: My gut says…
What do you know to be true?

Life Changes: I want more __________ in my daily life. What actions can I take to make that possible?

Forgiveness: I forgive __________ for doing __________. What does that forgiveness create space for?

Confidence: What does confidence look like to you? When do you feel confident in life?

Support: How can I support myself more? How have I been holding myself back?

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Alison and Jared are top notch. They’re well trained, smart, funny, and welcoming. Always a must attend event for the novice as well as the seasoned veterans!

Stefanie Fenner

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