Lifting & Mobility Programs

We’ve combined our knowledge & experience as a 200hr Yoga/CrossFit Level 1 Coach & CrossFit Level 2 Coach to offer Lifting & Mobility programs for CrossFit athletes.

Our programs are for all athlete levels.

You can purchase individual lifting & mobility programs or the mobility bundle via PayPal using the links below. Credit card payments are an option with PayPal. After purchase, you’ll be routed back here to create an account to access your program.

Lifting Programs:

Our lifting programs focus on safely building strength with 3 lifting days scheduled per week.

The programs also include warm-ups & accessory core work for each lifting day, plus 2 supplemental recovery/mobility day options each week.

Mobility Programs:

Each one of our mobility programs focus on a specific body part with pre-WOD mobility & post-WOD recovery.

If, for example, you need the most help with your shoulders, grab that program (or the Better Mobility bundle) & dig into improving your mobility with little shifts to your normal routine!

Our mobility programs require very little equipment (listed by each program) & every program comes with video demos of the movements. The best part is that the pre-WOD work will take you less than 3 minutes to set up & complete. The post-WOD recovery can be as short or as long as you need.

The detail involved in some of these movements was what impressed me. Jared and Alison did a great job breaking it down. I came away with three small changes that made a big difference in how I lift. Well worth it.

Kevin Kern

event participant